1. partially laid out
2. Students-taking-fencing-up
3. Taking the steel plates up
4. Ed and wolfgang packing Aquadyne
6. Drawing the circle (3)
8. Aquadyne-layingout
9. CBO and Students
10. Close up of Aquadye
11. Close up of Layer Scaffolding
12. Aquadyne Stacked
13. Layher Scaffolding (2)
14. Closeup of students
15. First metre up
16. Approaching 2m
18. On site team with Wolfgang
20. Cone and Sign
21. Looking through the roof
22. Wolfgang checks angles
23. Wolfgang quiet contemplation
24. The stabilising lintel
25. Students with aquadyne
26. Scaffold goes up
27. Scaffold tower under construction
28. Scaffold tower in use
29. Scaffold tower
30. Scaffold interior
31. Scaffold interior 2
32. Up tp 3 meters high
33. Safety boat on site
34. Next rise of scaffold up
35. Interior of next scaffold rise
36. Cone up to 6m
37. Mears discuss the final 3m build
38. Cone up to 7m
39. Nearing completion
40. View from the base to 8m

Cone (detail)

41. 1.5m to go
42. Interior scaffold up to 8m
43. Wolfgang at the top of Cone - 9m and complete
44. Cone complete, before scaffold strip-out
45. Wolfgang with the completed, 9m high Cone
46. Completed Cone from the bank
47. The completed Cone panorama
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Built from 2,200 sheets of 5kg Aquadyne, Cone was erected in 9 days by apprentices of Gateshead College and Mears.

Each of the individual panels (amounting to a total of 11.5 tonnes) and 3 tonnes of Layher scaffold were handled to the top of the Staiths, without mechanical assistance.

Following the marking out of the footprint of Cone by our structural engineer, Charles Blackett-Ord, the apprentices started the process of laying a spiralling conical pattern of full size panels interspersed with two-third cut pieces. Through ensuring a continual even spacing, regularly spaced gaps are produced between the sheets, allowing wind loading to be minimised and reducing the overall weight of the sculpture.

After the structure had reached approximately 2 metres heigh, the scaffold contractor rBau came on to site to begin erecting the central scaffold tower, which reached a height of just under 9 meters, allowing the apprentices to build the full height of Cone, whilst safely within the internal structure.

A 3 metre high triangular jig was used at first to set the angle of Cone, and then followed by eye to realise the full height of the structure – eventually reaching 9 metres on completion.

Specifically designed and fabricated steel brackets and plates, connected together with industrial ratchet straps, acted to anchor the structure to the deck, in the event of significant wind loading, and were fixed after reaching the maximum height of Cone.